Director, Todd Mitchell,

CASAO Accounting:

Accountant, Denise Rowe,
Accounting Technician, Leigh Anne Snead,


Supervisor, Preston Clark,
Cashier, Jonathan Agaton,
Cashier, Kammy Jefferson,

Student Accounts: Supervisor, Jennifer Hamilton,
3rd Party Billing Counselor, Amy Cook,
Student Accounts Receivable Specialist, Briana Graham,
Refunds/Withdrawals Counselor, Marty Noe,
Accounts Receivable Technician, Donna Huff,

Student Loans:

University Accounting Services, LLC (UAS) 1-800-999-6227

Student Loan Collections 1-877-877-1983

Students should call the UAS toll free number first for any assistance on their loan. The University toll free number should be used as a second option.

Student Loans Officer, Heather Wolford,

The University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Cashiers and Student Accounts Office
Third Party Billing
PO Box 26170
Greensboro NC 27402
336-334-4178 (Fax)