Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Cashiers and Student Account Office provide any banking services to students?

The Cashiers and Student Account Office does not provide personal banking services to students. The Office does cash personal checks up to $50.00 for a fee of $.50 per check.

How do I receive my financial aid award money?

The University will credit financial aid directly to the student’s account to pay tuition and fees, room and board, parking permit, and the mandatory health insurance fee. Any overpayment owed to a student as a result of the financial aid being credited directly to the student’s account will be refunded. The refund will be disbursed to the student either as a direct deposit or a paper check mailed to their campus box or local mailing address.

What can I do if my financial aid award is not enough to cover all of my university charges?

A University approved monthly tuition payment plan is offered to you via an independent agency. If you would like to use the TuitionPay monthly payment plan, contact them at 1-800-635-0120 or online. This plan may be used alone or to supplement financial aid. The TuitionPay plan, which is available for the fall and spring terms, will allow you to break up your balance into 5 equal monthly payments.

If I graduate or leave UNCG for any reason, when do I have to start paying on my Perkins or Institutional student loans?

The Perkins and Institutional Loan Programs provides a nine (9) month grace period if you fail to enroll at another institution for at least six (6) credit hours.

Can I repay my loans before my grace period is up?

Payments made on your student loans while in your grace period are acceptable and save you money. These payments are considered advance payments and reduce your principal balance owed on your loans therefore, you pay less interest on your loans.

How long do I have to repay my student loans that I received at UNCG?

Your student loans have a ten (10) year repayment period, but if you pay more than the minimum monthly payment and pay on time the length of your repayment period can drastically be reduced.

Where can I find all of my loans received while I was a student at UNCG?

All of your loans are listed online.