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UNCG now offers a monthly payment plan through the UNCG Student Account Center! This plan is an interest-free alternative to paying your college expenses in one lump sum at the beginning of each term.

Enrolling in the payment plan offers the following benefits:

  • ❖ Make paying for college more manageable through monthly payments
  • ❖ Interest-free payment option
  • ❖ No credit check required

Spring 2021 Payment Plan Enrollment Dates

UNCG 5 Payment Plan

Available November 18 – December 2. First payment due at sign-up is 20% of spring balance plus set-up fee of $35. Additional installments due:

  • ❖ January 4
  • ❖ February 4
  • ❖ March 4
  • ❖ April 4

Deadline for 5 pay spring set up is December 2nd. If you choose to sign up for the UNCG 5 Payment Plan, the next installment is due January 4th.

UNCG 4 Payment Plan

Available December 3 – December 16. First payment due at sign-up is 25% of spring balance plus set-up fee of $35. Additional installments due:

  • ❖ February 4
  • ❖ March 4
  • ❖ April 4

Deadline for 4 pay spring set up is December 16th.

UNCG 3 Payment Plan*

*Please Note: This plan cannot be used to secure a schedule for the December 16 payment due date.

Available December 17 – January 19. First payment due at sign-up is 33% of spring balance plus set-up fee of $50. Additional installments due:

  • ❖ March 4
  • ❖ April 4

Deadline for 3 pay spring set up is January 19th.

(Payments returned for any reason and not repaid by the initial due date may result in class cancellation.)

Payment Plan Important Facts

The UNCG Tuition Payment Plan is a real-time plan based on current student account charges (tuition and fees, housing, meal plans, health insurance, parking permits, and other miscellaneous charges). The student must be registered and have a current semester balance to be eligible to enroll in the payment plan. The plan may not be used for prior term charges. Prior term charges must be paid in full by the semester bill due date and cannot be included on the payment plan. Enrollment in payment plans will be denied to students with unpaid balances from previous terms. Payment plan enrollment fees are non-refundable. Payment plan enrollment is for a single semester.

Your payment plan installments are calculated based on the amount of your balance at the time of enrollment. Your installments may change based on account activity that occurs after you enroll in your payment plan. Your monthly installment amounts will be adjusted up or down as your account balance changes.

  • 1. New payments toward plan charges pay down one installment at a time.
    The plan looks at the balance of each plan charge to see if a payment has been made. Payments made inside or outside of the Student Account Center, including newly disbursed financial aid, will pay down plan installments in due date order.

  • 2. New charges are spread equally across remaining installments.
    The plan looks at the balance of each plan charge to find increased amounts. Any new charges are spread equally across the remaining plan installments.

  • 3. New memo aid and authorized aid credits are spread equally across remaining installments.

Plan Set-up Instructions

  • ❖ Students and Authorized Users log into the UNCG Student Account Center to enroll in payment plans.
  • Students
    First log into the secure area of UNCGenie ( with your ID and PIN. Then, click on the Student Account Center option on the “Student” tab.
  • Authorized Users
    Log into the Student Account Center with your email address and password at:
  • ❖ Once in the Student Account Center, click on the Payment Plan tab and it will guide you, step-by-step, through the enrollment process. You will see details about the plan, a real-time breakdown of charges and credits, and installment due dates. Users will sign a payment plan agreement form by checking an “I agree” box.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How am I notified of my current payment amount?

An email will be sent 7 days prior to the installment due date, making you aware of the amount due on the installment due date. This email is only generated to the person that sets up the plan, student or authorized user, not both. Installments must be paid by the due date on your payment plan whether or not a reminder is received.

2. How will I know if my installment amounts have been recalculated?

The student (or authorized user if the authorized user set up the plan) will be sent an email notification each time the installment amounts are recalculated. Recalculation occurs when there are changes to the student account balance. You may also check your installment amount on the Student Account Center within 7 days of the due date to confirm the amount due.

3. How do I make installment payments?

In the Student Account Center, select the “Payment Plans” option. Under payment plan installments, select “Pay” next to an installment amount. Enter the amount you wish to pay and click “continue” to complete the payment process.

4. Is there a minimum amount for a payment plan?

Yes. A student’s current term balance must be at least $100 to set up a payment plan.

5. Can I pay by credit card?

Yes. There is a 2.85% service fee for payments submitted by credit/debit card. Card payments are only accepted online in the Student Account Center. Payments made by electronic check are not assessed a service fee.

6. Can I sign up for the spring semester at the same time as fall?

No. Users are only allowed to sign up for a plan for the current term. Users must re-enroll for the next term if interested in a payment plan.

7. Are payment plans available for summer?

Payment plans are only available for fall and spring semesters.

8. Who can enroll in a plan?

Currently enrolled UNCG students or their authorized users can enroll in a payment plan. There is only one plan allowed per student per term.

9. Can my parents set up separate payment plans?

No. There is only one plan allowed per student per term. If a student sets up their own payment plan, authorized users cannot set up a separate plan. However, payments made by others can reduce the plan balance.

10. Can I request an extension of the installment due date if the installment increases?

No. Installment due dates are final. Please try to anticipate charges that may be added after your initial enrollment in the plan.

11. What happens if I miss an installment payment?

If payments are not paid on or by the installment due date, your classes are subject to cancellation. In addition, a past due hold may be placed on your account until the payments are up to date. A past due hold prevents receiving a transcript and/or diploma and registering for the next semester. Your payment plan may also be terminated. If this occurs, your student account balance is due in full.

12. Are there any charges the plan will not cover?

Charges and balances from prior terms cannot be included in the plan. If a new charge is approved by UNCG or the General Assembly after payment plan enrollment, the charge may not be included in your plan. It is the responsibility of the student or authorized user to pay these amounts outside the plan. Any charges added late in the semester that are not included in the final installment will need to be paid prior to the end of the semester.

13. Is there a way to set up a payment plan for an amount other than the current balance due?

No. All charges posted to the student account are factored into the installment plan. If a scholarship, 3rd party payment, or financial aid is not memoed, authorized, or paid to your student account, it cannot be factored into your plan.

14. How can I cancel the plan?

Plans can only be cancelled if the account is paid in full, the current term balance is zero, or there is a credit balance. Once removed from the UNCG Payment Plan, students are responsible for any additional charges. To request cancellation from the plan, please contact an administrator at Enrollment fees are non-refundable.