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Student Credit Policy

Tuition and fees for all University students are due prior to the established payment deadlines for that particular term in the Cashiers and Student Accounts Office. North Carolina law requires the University to charge and collect from each student at the beginning of each academic term tuition, fees and an amount sufficient to pay all other direct expenses such as room and board incurred for the term.

As an exception to the above policy, students may be granted deferments (credit) only if they meet one of the following criteria:

  • Students who receive awards through the UNCG Financial Aid Office from one of the following programs must pay the amount of their bill less the amount awarded for deferrable financial aid. Any liability resulting from a reduction of financial aid becomes the student’s responsibility payable upon notification of the adjustment of the award. Financial aid awards for the purposes of the credit policy are as follows:
    • Pell Grants
    • Stafford Loans
    • Institutional Loans
    • SEOG
    • Perkins Loans
    • Federal PLUS Loan
    • Federal Graduate PLUS Loan
    • Veterans Scholarships
    • Vocational Rehabilitation
    • University Scholarships
    • Fellowships
    • Assistantships
    • Grants
    • Federal Work Study
  • Students wishing to utilize Veterans’ benefits under the credit policy must demonstrate financial need in compliance with normal financial aid need standards. Final approval is contingent upon the student’s demonstration of need and a good credit history with the University.
  • Recipients of scholarships awarded by organizations outside the University in which direct payment is made to UNCG and notification is on file with the Financial Aid Office may qualify under the credit policy. Students should provide notification of such awards as soon as possible to the Financial Aid Office or the Cashiers and Student Accounts Office.
  • Other resources that may be deferrable as credit to the student bill:
    • Americorps
    • International Sponsor
    • Prepaid College Programs
    • Teach Scholarships
    • Services for the Blind
    • Military Tuition Assistance
    • Employers
    • JTPA/JobLink/WIA
    • Trust Funds