Cashiers & Student Accounts

A Part of Accounting Services



Every Monday throughout each term, the Cashiers and Student Accounts Office processes a report that reflects each student who has a credit on his or her account. This credit could be the result of an overpayment or an adjustment to the student account. Once the report is completed, a job is submitted to produce a refund for each eligible student. Students can receive these refunds in one of the following two ways: a paper check or direct deposit. If the student opts for the paper check, no additional work has to be done by the student. A paper check will print and mail out, typically on Wednesday afternoon of the week it is generated. However, if the student opts for direct deposit, he or she will have to complete their banking account information online through the Student Account Center.

At the beginning of each new term, this refunding process begins the week before classes start to ensure students receive their refunds by the first day of classes. Each paper check is mailed to the student’s campus address (if the student resides on campus) or local address. These checks are unavailable for pickup in the Cashier’s Office.

Students must always keep their addresses updated online under the Personal Information tab of UNCGenie. Even if a refund is expected by way of direct deposit, if there is no active mailing address in the system, the refund will not be produced. Additionally, a hold will be placed on the student account until an address is entered.

If the student is expecting payments from both a Third Party Sponsor and University financial aid, the refund will not be processed until both sources have paid to the student account. Under normal circumstances, financial aid will pay first; therefore, the refund will be processed after the Third Party Sponsor payment is received and processed.

If a refund is expected, the student may track the process online through the Student Account Center. Once the balance changes from a credit to a student refund, the student should be on the lookout for a refund later that week.