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University Refund Appeals Committee

The University Refund Appeals Committee considers appeals from any student who wishes to submit an appeal in writing. Cases are referred to the committee when a student feels that the University’s refund policies do not address particular circumstances. The Committee also considers appeals from former students who are contesting the garnishment of North Carolina State income tax refunds through the North Carolina Department of Revenue Tax SetOff program.

The Refund Committee will not review appeals that are more than one year old [Policy 11.1]. If the original appeal is denied, the student has the right to re-appeal one time as long as they can provide new documentation with the re-appeal. If the second appeal is denied and the student feels it deserves further consideration, the appeal would be referred to the Vice Chancellor of Business Affairs.

Questions pertaining to the Refund Committee should be directed to The Cashiers and Student Accounts Office, located at 151 Mossman Administration Building, or by phone at 336-334-5831 or 1-877-286-8250. Appeal forms may be obtained in The Cashiers and Student Accounts Office or on their website.

Housing and Dining Plan Refunds

Room rent and board are NOT refundable. However, if a student qualifies for an exception as stated in the Refund Policy, room rent and board are refundable except the pro-rata part of the remaining charge based on the expired portion of the term. The housing contract is for one academic year. Students who cancel their contract at the end of the Fall Semester and remain enrolled at the University, will be charged for the Spring Semester rent.

Questions pertaining to Housing and Dining Plan Refunds should be Directed to the Housing and Residence Life Office, First Floor, Mendenhall-Ragsdale Dormitory, 336/334-5636.